This is some of the writing I've done lately. A few of these might be more than a year old, but many are somewhat recent. I'll group them by type or topic.

At the moment, I'm linking them as MS Word .doc files; I will most likely convert to pdf or html files later.

  Research Papers
  The Future of Internet Gaming A paper done for my Computer Science senior seminar in college, written in late 2003. It describes how internet gaming is on the rise, and talks about future trends.
  Technical report on ESWT A reccommendation report done for a beginning technical writing class, written late 2004. It talks about a new therapy for a condition called Plantar Fasciitis.
  Captology: Helpful or Harmful? A paper written partially for a mass communication class, then revised for a Humanities seminar, written in 2005. It talks about captology; computers as persuasive technology. People use technology for a lot these days...
Essays and Articles
  World of Warcraft An article written for a journalism class around October or November 2004, about the release of Blizzard's wildly popular new game, World of Warcraft.
  Obscenity: in the eye of the beholder? An essay about something that outraged me: anti-abortion activists holding signs not fit for a child to see in close proximity to a toy store.
Poetry and Fiction
  Artificial Intelligence A short piece that may eventually become the concept for a novel. Haven't quite decided yet.
  Lost A poem.
  The Flesh Artist Work in progress; a novel. When I'm ready, access will be granted to a password-protected few.