Ghostly Ruins: America's Forgotten Architecture

Author: Skrdla, Harry
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publication date: October, 2006

A look at great places in American architectural history that both people and time forgot. This book highlights both the fascinating quality of these ruins and their history, and gives a sad look at how we've treated some of the best places man created in America.

My Participation: I both transcribed the text to the publisher's preferred file format, and did extensive work with the pictures; formatting, editing, sizing, and in some cases 'rehabilitating' pictures to file that would not have otherwise been of printable quality.



Untitled Sci-fi crime novel

A novel about a detective named Rachel, whose "investigative tools" go beyond the normal five senses or forensic laboratory. She hunts a serial killer who will be a match for her both in wits, and in ability.

Status: I am currently working on this novel; as I progress, some parts will be available for the perusal of a select few.



Twilight Kingdom

This is my band. We are a bit of a stylistic mix, with elements of gothic, electronic, shoegaze, and just plain out there stuff. Mike is in charge of compositional brilliance, Elyria and I fight over words armed with eloquence and a heavy thesaurus, and we both sing the creations into life.



Untitled Horror film script

I am beginning work with another screenwriter on writing two short horror films, and one feature length.


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